Reindeer Lake Resort: quality accommodation, activities & safaris at a reindeer farm in Pello in Lapland, close to Rovaniemi

The Reindeer Lake Resort (Puolukkamaan Pirtit) is a real Lapland reindeer farm offering accommodation and an unforgettable holiday experiences. Our property is located in Pello, on the shore of the unique Puolamajärvi Lake. The farm is located only 70 km (45 min by car) from the capital of Lapland and the hometown of Santa Claus, Rovaniemi. Also, the centre of Pello and the Tornio River are only 30 km away (about 20 min by car).

We have personalised accommodation choices ranging from two person rooms up to ten person spaces. In total, there are 30 beds in summer and 24 in winter. All accommodations have electricity, and in the summer, you can also use the beach sauna, the boat and the firepit. Breakfast and dinner for small groups can be arranged. Our reindeer farm also has a small souvenir shop whose products include reindeer meat.

The Reindeer Lake Resort farm, located close to Rovaniemi, is perfect for families with children as well as lovers of animals and nature. Our destination is a great place to watch the Northern lights, thanks to our location north of the Arctic Circle in Finland. Our countryside farm is never disturbed by light pollution.

Our reindeer farm arranges reindeer and reindeer safaris in winter (December-March) and you can visit our reindeer farm all year round. Please reserve in advance the reindeer excursions and reindeer farm visits.

It’s also easy to visit the surrounding nature on your own. Fishing and hunting opportunities are good in Reindeer Lake Resort Puolukkamaan Pirtit: when it comes to hunting, state-owned lands are nearby, and hunting enthusiasts can get permits.

Come experience memorable moments in the unique nature of Lapland in Finland or order a group trip for hiking or fishing with your friends.


Reindeer Lake Resort Puolukkamaan Pirtit
Anne-Mari Kovalainen
Puolamajärventie 18A
FI-95790 Lampsijärvi (Pello)
Tel.+ 358 400 923034