Explore Nearby Destinations in Finnish and Swedish Lapland

The Reindeer Lake Resort is located in Pello in the middle of the peaceful countryside of Finnish Lapland. Within an hour’s drive from our reindeer farm, you can find a number of fascinating places to visit in Lapland. Our destination is perfect for a guest with their own car.

For example, Rovaniemi, the capital of Lapland and hometown of Santa Claus, is located only 70 km (about 45 minutes away) from our reindeer farm. In Rovaniemi, you can visit the Arktikum Museum, Santa Claus Village on the Arctic Circle (www.santaclausvillage.info), House of Mrs. Claus, Christmas House Santa or the legendary Arctic SnowHotel  which is located only 50 km away. For more travel information on Rovaniemi: www.visitrovaniemi.fi

Our destination is located in the municipality of Pello in Lapland. In Pello, you can find many interesting activities such as the legendary Eero’s Path only 3 km away from our resort. Only 20 km away is the Ritavaara Winter Sports Centre. For guided fishing tours on the Tornio River, visit Naamisuvanto Salmon Fishing (www.tornioriver.fi ). For guided fishing tours on Lake Miekojärvi, visit Lapland Wild Fish (www.laplandwildfish.fi/en). For additional travel information on Pello: www.travelpello.fi/en

The Reindeer Lake Resort is located only 30 km (20 minutes away by car) from the Tornio River and the border to Swedish Lapland. On the Swedish side of the Tornio valley, you can find many fascinating places to visit, such as Kattilakoski (Kattilaforsen), Svanstein Ski Resorthttps://svansteinskiresort.se/), Övertorneå’s beautiful wooden church in the centre, or Kukkolaforsen further south, in the northern part of the Haparanda municipality. For more information on the Tornio valley in Swedish Lapland: www.heartoflapland.com/en/