Summer Fishing in Lake Puolamajärvi and in the destinations in Pello in Lapland 

The Reindeer Lake Resort is located in Pello in Finnish Lapland on the shore of the beautiful Lake Puolamajärvi. Pello is the fishing capital of Finland.

The clean waters of Lake Puolamajärvi are rich with fish and are especially suited for ice fishing in the winter and for worm-angling and casting in the summer. Catches from the lake include, for example, perch, pike, zander, whitefish, burbot, vendace and roach.

We rent worm angling equipment for 10 € / day / person. We do not rent reels. We also offer a rowboat (price 20 € / 2 hours).

We organise also fishing excursions to the local rivers and streams. We take with us the fishing equipment and the packet dinner, and we fish during the evening. If we catch some fish, then we cook it in the nature. Total duration of the excursion (transport included) is about 4 hours. Please ask more.

Ice fishing and angling do not require a fishing permit. If you wish to use a rod and reel on Lake Puolamajärvi, and you are 18 – 64 years old, you must pay a National fishing management fee. You can easily pay the fee on the Erä website:

P.S. If you stay at our destination and wish for a guided fishing experience on Lake Miekojärvi, the largest lake in western Finnish Lapland (53 km2, located only 15 km away), you should visit Lapland Wild Fish ( for an unforgettable experience during summer or winter. If you want to try your hand at salmon fishing on the Tornio River (only 30 – 40 km away) from June to August, visit Naamisuvanto Salmon Fishing (