Cross-country skiing
The Reindeer Lake Resort is located in Finnish Lapland, where snow covers the ground for about half the year. In winter, ski trails lead to Puolamajärvi Lake, beside which our resort sits. There are almost 200 km of mechanically managed ski trails in our municipality Pello, some of which are also illuminated. We are located only 20 km from the Ritavaara Winter Sports Centre in Pello.  More information about Ritavaara: and about Pello ski trail network:  PELLON LATUKARTTA

We also have for rent a small selection of cross-country skiing gear. A wider range of equipment can be found at the Ritavaara Skiing Centre:

Downhill Skiing
The closest slopes to the Reindeer Lake Resort can be found at Ritavaara in Pello ( about 20 km away, and at the Svanstein Ski Resort ( in Övertorneå, Sweden, about 50 km away. The slopes of Ritavaara are suitable for families and beginners, while Svanstein offers slopes for experienced skiers.

The Reindeer Lake Resort’s gently rolling landscape is perfect for snowshoeing in winter. We have enough snowshoeing rental equipment for small groups. You can also enjoy snowshoeing at the Ritavaara Winter Sports Centre, about 20 km away. More information on Ritavaara: