The Reindeer Lake Resort is located in Pello on the shore of Lake Puolamajärvi, which is one of Lapland’s most beautiful lakes. The clear waters of Lake Puolamajärvi (surface area of 1.8 km2) are rich with fish. At its deepest, the lake is 8 to 9 m. Naturally, the resort has a dock, as well as a sandy beach, 2 beach saunas and boats.

Lake Puolamajärvi is given its name from the Sami word “buolam,” which means fire. Among the tens of thousands of lakes in Finland, only one bears the name Puolamajärvi. (There is another lake bearing the name in Swedish Lapland.)

Our name “Reindeer Lake Resort” comes from the legend that Lake Puolamajärvi is so magical that even the reindeer will stop to consider its fascinating waters on their search for food.

In addition to saunas and swimming, the scenic Lake Puolamajärvi is ideal for activities like reindeer rides, fishing, rowing, kayaking and cross-country skiing. To learn more about activities on the lake: HERE

The waters of Lake Puolamajärvi are clean and rich with fish. Ideal for ice-fishing in winter and angling and casting in summer, you can catch, for example, perch, pike, roach, vendace, whitefish, burbot, zander and more. For more information about fishing Lake Puolamajärvi: summer fishing HERE & winter fishing HERE.