About in reindeer in Lapland and at our reindeer farm

The reindeer is a semi-domesticated herd animal that lives in the north, grazing on fells and in forests. Lapland reindeer are reminiscent in their habits and body structure of the mountain reindeer. In Lapland, there are more reindeer than people (about 200 000 vs 185 000, respectively). Reindeer are unquestionably the symbol of Lapland, and around the world, Lapland reindeer are also known as Santa Claus’s most important helpers.

The Reindeer Lake Resort (Puolukkamaan Pirtit) is a working reindeer farm, which was also developed as a agritourism and holiday destination in the 2000s.

We have more than one hundred reindeer at our farm in Pello in Finnish Lapland, and tourists are encouraged to come visit our reindeer. For more information on reindeer visits: HERE.

We also organise reindeer rides. For more information on reindeer rides: HERE

Our reindeer farm also sells reindeer meat products.

Come explore the right reindeer farm for you!

P.S. Useful information on the Lapland reindeer can be found:

Finnish Reindeer herder association: http://paliskunnat.fi/reindeer/
Reindeer in Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reindeer