Frequently asked questions

Q. How do we get to the Reindeer Lake Resort from Rovaniemi?
A: The Reindeer Lake Resort is an independent travel destination. The Rovaniemi airport is about 80 km away. Unfortunately, we do not offer pickup services from the airport. We recommend that you rent a car from Rovaniemi, or you can take a taxi (fare is about 180€ – 200€).

Q: Can we come only to meet the reindeer or take a reindeer ride?
A: Life on a reindeer farm is determined by the rhythm of the seasons. By calling or emailing us, we can determine together the best days and times for successful reindeer rides. We recommend contacting us at least one day in advance.

For larger groups and tour operators, we recommend contacting us as early as possible.

Q: Can we see Northern Lights?
A: The Reindeer Lake Resort reindeer farm offers a great setting for observing the Northern Lights, as we are located far from city lights and north of the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland. You can spend time, for example, on our reindeer farm or on the shore of Lake Puolamajärvi and see the Northern Lights from here, if the weather and sun activity are favourable (cloudless sky and sun active). Like any other tourist destination, the Reindeer Lake Resort cannot guarantee customers that they will see Northern Lights.

Q: Does the price include breakfast? Can we book half-board or dinners?
A. The Reindeer Lake Resort is a self-catering holiday destination. Our guests take care of their own meals using their accommodations’ kitchens.

For larger groups, we can arrange meals (breakfast/dinner) as needed, when agreed upon in advance.

Q: What kind of clothing should we bring in winter, especially if we want to watch the Northern Lights.
The Reindeer Lake Resort is located north of the Arctic Circle in Finnish Lapland. In winter, snow covers the country for more than six months. Winter temperatures are usually between – 10 °C and  – 30°C. Therefore, any traveler must be equipped with very warm winter clothing (frost-resistant shoes, trousers, jackets, leggings, gloves, etc.) especially when on the hunt for the Northern Lights.