Travel Pello – Tourism of Pello in Finnish Lapland

Our resort is located in the municipality of Pello in Finnish Lapland. On the Travel Pello website you will find useful tourism information about Pello, the fishing capital of Finland and reindeer land of Santa Claus in Lapland.

Visit Rovaniemi

Our resort is located only about 70 km from the center of Rovaniemi ( , the capital of Finnish Lapland, the Official hometown of Santa Claus (here Santa Claus Village web site: and Christmas House Santa) and home to the largest airport in the region (
Useful information about the tourism of Finnish Lapland.

Visit Finland
All about tourism of Finland.

Lapland Wild Fish: fishing safaris on the Lake Miekojärvi

Fishing Safaris on Lake Miekojärvi in Pello in Finnish Lapland. Miekojärvi is the also called the Arctic Circle Lake, as the Arctic Circle runs through the lake. It is a great lake for fishing zander, pike, perch and many others. More info:

Naamisuvanto Salmon Fishing Resort in Pello on the Tornio River. 

This company based in Pello in Finnish Lapland (some 40 km from our resort) organises guided salmon fishing excursions, etc.

Valkea Arctic Experience holiday village in Pello in Finnish Lapland

Valkea Lodge is a new holiday resort that opened in December 2017 on Mount Ritavaara only 8 km from the Tornio River and some 20 km from our Resort.

Pello Taxi Lapland

Taxi and transportation services in Pello and surrounding municipalities in Finnish Lapland. We have a fleet of 3 vehicles . Call us: +358 400 397 021 or send us an e-mail to is you desire a quality travel in Finnish Lapland.

Santa Claus Internet TV Santatelevision
Santa’s TV  ( and Youtube channel ( ) is provided by the Lapland video production company Joulupukki TV which often makes video shootings at our Reindeer Lake Resort. Joulupukki TV offers also drones services and make website for tourism and industrial companies like Aito Log Houses.

Mrs. Santa Claus Christmas Cottage in Rovaniemi in Santa Claus Village

House of Mrs. Claus in the new attraction in Santa Claus Village, that was opened in November 2019.

Heart of Lapland – tourism of  the Swedish side of the Tornio River Valley
Our resort is located only 25 km from the Swedish Lapland, which offers also interesting places to visit.